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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA different way of living and experiencing life is unfolding a life

 ‘Living in Awareness’.

‘Know there is more to every moment than we could ever imagine possible….use this inner knowing to release expectation and experience ‘living in the moment’…..without attachment or need….open up to receive all life has to offer….embrace  your life journey and embark on your souls journey’

If you are ready to experience life as it unfolds you will find guidance and inspiration on this website. Should you wish to connect with me in person, via Skype or telephone, click one-to-one sessions.

If you are local to Birmingham come along to my  ‘GO WITH THE FLOW’

Lunchtime Meditative Soul Group, the next one will be on  Friday 22nd May   2015.

Click ‘Go With the Flow’ from the menu for more information.

I hope to connect with you soon.

Angela Goffe


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As emotional attachment to thoughts, people, places are being  severed a new found freedom is emerging…

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