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A Higher Perspective on Tarot

Angela has a unique way of teaching tarot; tarot as a path to enlightenment.

Learning to read the tarot enhances awareness, senses are energised and your consciousness expands. As we continue to grow spiritually so do our tools. Tarot can be more than a divination tool, tarot can be a path to enlightenment.

If you would like to bring a whole new energy to your cards and use them as a tool to gain insight and understanding about yourself, then join me  to reconnect with your tarot cards to lift their energy to align with you on your journey of self discovery.

Course includes booklet with handouts covering Major and Minor arcana, aces and court cards, tarot suits the elements and star signs, numerology, colour and symbolism. Use of different spreads, programming packs and spreads and  tarot for healing.

In person or via Skype.

Tarot Readings – offer insight and understanding of your current situation and guidance with making choices.

For Appointments:

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