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About Angela


The course of my life has altered many times old paths falling away new paths opening up,  the common theme being, whenever my connection to the ‘true self’ was thinning  I was redirected back to my centre back to the source. As a child I was very aware of something more, my expression of this was quite often misunderstood and my feelings suppressed.

A debilitating  illness later diagnosed as Sydenham Chorea (St. Vitus’ Dance) brought my life to a standstill at the age of 13 removing me from the fast pace of teenage life.  This ‘time out’ enabled my inner connection to flourish.

At the age of 17 following the passing of a dear friend my perspective on life changed. I left my job/ career to travel, with my then boyfriend later to be husband.  Backpacking around the Greek islands I connected with the richness and beauty of the world.

House, home, marriage and children followed, hand in hand with love, happiness, joy and sadness life’s ups and downs on the rollercoaster of life in full flow, soon to be derailed when at the age of 28 my world as I knew it fell apart, life would never be the same again. feeling lost and insecure, combined with a stripping away of the outer bit by bit until there was nothing left. I visualised myself as a nut on the verge of cracking open, when an immense love infiltrated my very being I felt loved from the inside out, regardless of anything I had done in the past be it unkind or underhand the love I felt was  so pure so unconditional I felt elevated lifted of my feet. This loving energy held me and rocked me like a baby, this loving energy spoke to me ’everything is going to be alright, you will look back on this and  what you now  feel is the worst time of your life you will see as the best thing that ever happened to you. This connection to ultimate love was all encompassing… suspended in time… outside of time…

I felt this to be an Angelic encounter yet I knew nothing about angels after this my experience of life, love, was very different more free flowing   a gift to be given ‘and’ received.

In 1986 there was nothing much was written about this type of experience. I went to the library read many books trying to make sense of what had happened. I became more intuitive more aware, new avenues were opening up. I learnt to drive went to college and started a part time job, my relationship with the angels and guides changed as I grew in confidence, my life was filling up, I was contemplating a full time job moving more and more in to the material side of life, my life was one big rush I began to realise that my inner connection was waning.

A double whammy now as I became pregnant for the fourth time 12 years after the birth of my first child after the initial shock and turmoil I realised, I was being offered a great gift, the gift of  new life inside and out.

I was open and receptive, ready to receive and then there were two….twins….previous paths narrowed and fell away as going back to work was no longer an option. My family, my children a constant source of love, inspiration and  insight a  time of great learning and understanding  ensued.

This was the beginning of my journey of self discovery with the help of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters my experiences formed the basis for many courses and workshops.

I trained to be a fitness instructor in 1995, learning about the physical body. Later this was to be a great foundation for my holistic approach to wellbeing.

Learning  how to dowse in 1997 and experiencing energy moving through my body, led me to Reiki. My first Reiki attunement in 1998 was a turning point for me as I embarked upon my own healing journey

I learnt to read the tarot in 2003 and found this was a great way to channel my psychic abilities; I started working as a professional reader, writing and facilitating workshops. I became a Reiki practitioner in 2004 and began to develop a combination of reading, self awareness and energy healing. I received my Master Teacher attunement two years later in 2006, realising how Reiki worked for me I wanted to share it with others to help them on their path.

In 2008 I studied hypnotherapy and NLP and through this gained a greater understanding of the mind and how limiting this can be when used in separation. Integrating the understanding gained from studying hypnotherapy  and combining this with a holistic approach to well being I offer Holistic Hypnotherapy , using a combination of energy balancing and soul work  techniques to balance the mind body and emotions.

A series of awakenings followed an experience I had in July 2008  when the realisation  that the ‘pure thought, pure word and pure deed’ of the Angelic guides and Ascended beings and I were ONE this brought an inner knowing that all is within whole and complete.

In July 2009 and again in October 2010 I felt an opening up,  a greater awareness of life, living and being from  a place of peace and stillness….this space within continues to expand….children flying the nest brought a sense of freedom which  manifested in worldwide travel in 2011….so far 2012 has been a wonderful year of authenticity, living, loving and being all that I am….

The influx of light that flooded our solar system as we transitioned into 2013 has brought a light hearted approach to living, enabling me to live lightly without attachment …2013 is the First of The Light Years….2014 has been a back to basics experience so far…. keep it simple….no frills….2015 has an air  of vulnerability to it….as emotional attachment to thoughts people, places are being  severed and a new found freedom is emerging…Carpe Diem…2016 is a nine year, a year of integrity, wisdom and leading by example a  year where authenticity prevailed…the leap of faith energy of this year has completed a cycle which enables new beginnings as we move into 2017

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