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Awareness of Being

‘Awareness of Being’ wholly knowing you are not this outer coating, this body, this character, you are so much more…

Awareness is an inner knowing there is so much more…

Being is this moment no future no past present in your wholeness.

Being aware of your true self releases you from your conditioning.

Being aware of your true self liberates you.

Being aware of your true self contradicts who you thought you were.

Being aware of your true self changes your perspective from separation on the outside looking in, to wholeness   inside looking out.

We only know our self from the outside, from what others have told us about our self and we add to this as time goes on….there comes a time where this isn’t enough it is superficial, restrictive, keeps us trapped….there comes a time when  we realise there is so much more to life and to us…and we want to step outside the box…realise our true potential….

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