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Energy Awareness Days

Everything is energy vibrating at different speeds; use this awareness of energy to:

Experience a life that is our birthright.

Energise the senses and totally integrate them into the physical being to create an awareness of life most never imagined possible.

Connect to the natural energy the elements ….nature itself holds the key to our own nature…. get in synch with the natural rhythm and flow…

Experience living in the moment from a place of peace and calm.

Understand there is more to every moment than we could ever imagine possible, use this understanding, this inner knowing to be open to receive all life has to offer.

Energy Awareness brings all parts together, in unison, harmoniously working as one.

A Balanced Life….Living in Awareness’

An Energy Awareness day can be booked for a private group in your own home.

Or on a one -to-one basis.


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