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Energy Awareness

With his famous equation E= mc2, Albert Einstein proved that when you come right down to it everything is energy.

How many times have you heard or read this….how many times have you experienced yourself as energy….if you are reading this you have more than likely had an energy experience. This experience can range from all encompassing to a mere energy tingle in the body and can take many forms…seeing spirit…angelic presence….deja vu….inspirational thoughts…inner knowing…..feelings of profound love etc.

This experience of energy can create a separation within either through fear or the fact that it is different unexplainable,  quite often we keep that part of us separate, from our day job, families and friends, keep it to ourselves or only express it with like minded people.

When we have an energy experience we are receiving a lighter energy into the  physical body when we block it through lack of understanding or fear,  the lighter energy gets stuck in the physical body and quite often causes pain…..lighter energy usually comes in through the back of the neck via the causal chakra bypassing  the mind….the mind will try and make sense of it, but  these experiences are outside of the minds comprehension…so if you are experiencing pain in this area this understanding of energy can help  alleviate this pain.

To gain a greater understanding of your energy self take time to; stop and standstill, bring awareness to your physical body, does any part of it feel different to you ….are you shoulders tense… need to lighten your load….delegate… what are you taking on for someone else….do you have a chip on your shoulder….feeling  second best…does your right knee hurt…..what is stopping you stepping forward…..are you walking a straight and narrow path…do you need to be more flexible….are you rushing…..quick march….

Becoming  Energy Aware heralds a more simple harmonious life.

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