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The raging sea, the burning sun, the ravaged shore become one.

When winds cease and waters calm, the soul basks in the sunshines arms.


The sea cries upon the shore and the sand wipes the tears,

The sun fires up the hearts of men and the wind fans the flame,

The sea reduces all to ash and it begins again.


The ship the boat, the sail the moat,

round in circles we go.

Escape the moat no need for a boat sail the ship out to sea.


My love my grace an expressionless face, a beauty to behold.

A beautiful face an expression of grace embodies a love of old.


A well deep within, a life to live yet unfound.

A spring gushing sporadically a glimpse of what life could be.

A river flowing here and there a life lived with abundant flair.


To supercede this earthly realm sail the ship from the helm,

no look out, no crew no cargo to bear,

just be at the helm and you will go far.


The gate the style the farmers aisle,

the arrow the bow the knights foe.

Release the arrow put down the bow, climb over the style there are seeds to sow.


The ALL is everything, everything is you,

when you are everything what else is there to do,

Reflect and mirror, mirror and reflect

The ALL is everything, everything is you.


Love is an apple tree barren and bare, bursting with gifts getting ready to share.

Fed by the rain nurtured by the sun, the seed is now set and love has begun.

Blossom so beautiful, pink and white, birthing the apples a wondrous sight,

Apples, round and full, green blushed to red, when they fall and the world is fed.