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An anthology of poems by Angela Goffe.

Be a student of life…

…..everything holds something for you;


When there is no goal…no glory…no finish line…now IS outside of time…..

Marvel at May

Be the pollen be the bee, be the blossom and the tree.
Be the lover be the loved, be the earth and sky above.
Be the weed be the flower, May mirrors our finest hour.
A balanced being in full bloom a divine union.

Free Will

Sit back relax let motion stop,
Neither forward nor back, just a gentle rock,
Clocks stop ticking time stands still,
Now we are released from free will.


Illuminate my life my friend, show me the way.
Illuminate my mind my friend, bring clarity to me. 
Illuminate my heart my friend, bring love to me.
Illuminate my soul my friend, ignite my fire,
burn away the old my friend this is my hearts desire.


When the soul calls deaf ears hear
When the soul calls blind eyes see
When the soul calls I is not me.

The Abyss

My pen won’t write the words don’t come
My mind is quiet no work to be done
The mindless joy of nothingness
No pen no words can express

Now is the time to spread your wings, to listen intent as the blue bird sings.
A song so sweet a lovers call, rings in the ears a chorus at dawn.
Forever young yet wings are stiff, never stretched as wide as this.
Feathers fly old and worn, the body mass no more forlorn.
Wings in motion gaining momentum, flying high in freedoms sky. 


As the road bends to the left and right the path narrows out of sight, the hedgerows fill the empty space, a soft verge to rest and wait.

 Light now fading as darkness descends eyes adjusting to comprehend, the bright stars that fill the midnight sky, the owl that hoots as it passes by.

A new day dawns as light breaks through witnessed only by a few, of favoured souls who rest and wait for the dawning of a new day to break.

As the sun’s rays are birthed into the morning sky an eagle soars way up high, bird song carried upon the breeze, a dusting of rain settles on the trees.

The waiting over refreshed and new ready to move  to pastures new, peaceful, calm and content a life lived a time well spent.


Your world is speaking to you, be aware enough to hear what its saying.
Your world is showing you, be aware enough to see.
Your world is giving to you, be aware enough to receive.
‘Live in Awareness’

Natures calling….

Open your eyes see the blue skies, an ever extending view.
Leaves underfoot cushion the steps on the walk to pastures new.
Crisp cool air penetrates the lungs gifting the breath of life;
Stillness abounds all around calling out to YOU!

Take a look around everything is born out of love…

Sit a while look and see,
Hear and listen to all around thee.
Taste and smell the dizzy delights
be present, receive, inspiration ignites.
Bask in the warmth of the fires embrace,
Burning away not leaving a trace.
Embers a glow almost fading away,
the breath of life breathes into the day.
A new way of being as stillness abounds
Born from the ashes a glorious crown.
Set it on your head deservedly
for you have become all that you see.

A love not of the mind, of the heart, the mind too small too restricted….the heart all expansive …..

Love is a seed sown on hallowed ground,
Watered by tears from the heart,
Kissed by the warmth of a tender embrace
Never again to part,
Nurtured, caressed by a thoughtful mind,
Tended by man’s fair hand’
Love is a seed sown on hallowed ground’
Step in be love expand.

Nature is the palette. Life is the canvas. You are the brush.

Nature’s palette vibrant and bright; a sight to behold.
Brush strokes on the canvas of life, the picture unfolds.
Awash now with the summer rain subtlety ensues.
Life’s vista all encompassing with ever changing hues.

New Years Day

The day felt very different…clear and crisp….I felt compelled to walk to stand on high to survey and scan the land. Wrapping up warm on this cold winters day I walked up the hill my old boots seemed inadequate for this path fresh snow covering the icy ground I walked tentatively looking around as if seeing this place for the first time.

‘Trees stripped of their glorious crown
echoing sounds from all around.
The freshly fallen snow on the higher ground
conceals the now barren land’

I stood for a while by the stone circle taking in the view…my camera capturing only a fraction of the splendorous sight.

This is a very different earth a new earth….

No more trying or striving to achieve no more searching for answers….total acceptance of the all…. being…

A new revelation at hand
Creator creation banned
Connect to love and be it in truth
Source reveals a new land.