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Reiki Attunements

The Combined System of Usui Reiki – celebrating and enjoying the unification and progression of all Reiki systems.

Angela has a unique way of teaching Reiki, Reiki as a guide to enlightenment.

Angela honours the original symbols and combines this with expansive teaching.

The universal life force energy that is reiki, love, light, source…is the truth of who we are. Learning and  experiencing  reiki is a great way to learn about and experience your energy self.

Reiki Attunements

Reiki I – 1 full day

Reiki II Practitioner Level – 2 full days

Reiki Masters – 2 full days

Reiki Teachers – 1 full day

With all levels I offer a follow up half day .

Course Facilitator:

Angela Goffe Reiki Master Teacher

Tel. 07854 885 896 or

 Angela’s journey with Reiki

My first Reiki attunement in 1998 was a turning point for me as I embarked upon my own healing journey. Having had an awakening 1986, I was becoming increasingly psychic and clairvoyant, I did not know which direction to follow. I chose Reiki because it works on the whole and for me it was the glue that brought me back together. I had my second attunement in 2004 as I felt ready to help others on their path. I realised how Reiki worked for me and wanted to share it with others. I received my Master Teacher attunement two years later in 2006.

As a Master Teacher people continually asked me, ‘What type of Reiki do you do?’

Realising how much Reiki had diversified led me to explore the foundations of Reiki and in July 2009 a friend and fellow Reiki Master Teacher, Alison Ward and I decided to bring together the different styles of Reiki just as Reiki brings us together when we channel it.

The logo demonstrates the sharing of various forms of Reiki as we move into a new and exciting time for the powerful energy of Usui Reiki.


‘Embark upon your healing journey with Reiki and remember who you are with love’

Angela Goffe Reiki Master Teacher