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The Combined System of Usui Reiki

The logo represents the unification of all Reiki systems worldwide as we move into a new and exciting time for the powerful energy of Usui Reiki.



The Combined System of Usui Reiki

Celebrating and enjoying the unification and progression of all Reiki systems.

The Combined System of Usui Reiki was born out of the energy shifts that took place between June 18th and Sept 23rd 2009. The download of lighter/purer energy that flooded the planet and our selves at this time brought a greater awareness of energy.

2010 This lighter energy alone awakened many souls, searching for a path to oneness. These souls could not awaken fully in the denser energy and therefore had no need to heal from it. Reiki shed its healing label bringing balance to all those who work with and receive it. This year was one of constant change, trying things out testing the waters updating, upgrading and letting go.

2011 Brought with it a great awareness and willingness to understand. The universal life force energy that is Reiki is proving a great medium for those on their journey of self discovery as they journey back to oneness.

2012 As awareness continues to expand Reiki keeps things simple, this year is soon to be free of predictions and prophecies. Reiki helps our transition from past and future into the moment bringing an acceptance of what is and trust in the unknown.

2013 The influx of light that flooded our solar system as we transitioned into 2013 has brought a light hearted approach to living, Reiki enables us to embrace this lighter energy to live lightly without attachment.

2014  Embracing Reiki in this the second of the light years brings a change of perspective from separation on the outside looking in, to wholeness, from the  inside looking out.

2015 Last years change of perspective has enabled a more wholesome you, as you and Reiki become one.

2016 Being the living embodiment of Reiki in this year of integrity wisdom and leading by example. Authenticity prevails.

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