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The Senses



When was the last time you experienced your ‘senses’ in the true sense of the word.


Taste – food extremes and additives have distorted our sense of taste making it difficult to detect the more subtle refined taste of our food.

Smell– strong and pungent smells have depleted our sense of smell making it impossible to detect subtle fragrances.

Hearing – we have become so used to our ears being abused by noise that the art of listening is almost impossible.

Touch – the exaggerated action of touch to make a statement – show others – has taken away the finer sensation that accompanies gentle touch.

Sight – we have been looking at things for so long we have forgotten how to see.


When these five senses are energised up and running heightened that’s our ‘SIXTH SENSE’…the sixth sense is the five senses energised….energising heightening your senses can only enhance your life….becoming more aware more tuned in to the environment, the world about you and energy before it manifests…..

Smell….how often do you smell subtle aromas or sense energy through smell…

Touch….how often do you gently touch another or touch without contact…

Hear…how often do you hear subtle sounds or listen beyond the words…

See….how often do you see what you are looking at and more…

Taste… often do you taste subtle flavours or sense energy through taste…

Use these senses together….smell the food before you taste it….use hearing together with sight to determine distance….use touch to detect energy…..

When you begin to understand, know yourself as energy the senses heighten and begin to work together, smell works alongside taste, listening and seeing work together and as touch becomes more sensitive awareness expands. This heightening of the senses engages the sixth sense which unites them all as one.

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